Please tell us how we are doing

Veolia, Northampton Borough Council’s recycling, waste, street-cleansing and grounds maintenance contractor, is asking you to take part in this short customer satisfaction survey to let us know what you think of the services you receive.

The results will be published later in 2020. All the feedback we receive will be used to help us improve your local service.

Please follow these other simple guidelines for completing the survey:

  • There are only 14 questions, so it should only take you a few minutes to complete.
  • Your answers are saved after every page and/or when clicking ‘resume later’ from the top menu.
  • The survey will automatically skip some questions if they do not apply to you.
  • For any technical difficulties please contact support@arp-research.co.uk

If you have received a survey in the post enter your unique 8 character code in the box below and click continue.

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The survey is being carried out on the behalf of Veolia and Northampton Borough Council by an independent specialist called ARP Research according to the Market Research Society Code of Conduct. The survey is confidential, which means that once processed your answers will not be linked with your identity and all data is handled and stored according to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). We do not use any of the information you provide for direct marketing or other non-research activities. For more detail please click here.